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pridaho's Journal

Idaho has gays, too!
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Welcome to the Lesbian Community's LiveJournal!

I want every girl, woman, boy, and man in this community here to feel safe, appreciated, and supported. If you want to gay bash, cause drama, or just be a general bad seed, go somewhere else.

I don't have a great big list of rules- this is a generally laid-back community, because you just can't control some things that people do. The following rules are the only ones I ask you to follow, as they are important and crucial in keeping our community a place that everyone will enjoy.

1) RESPECT other members. There will be nobashing of any member of this community, no matter what you think they've done to warrant such abuse. If you have a problem with somebody, deal with it privately, outside of the community. If someone has become nasty or abusive to you, then please report it to me. (The best way to get ahold of me is either leave a comment in my personal journal or e-mail me. Don't post in the community, because I may not see it.) If you are a person who is continually abusing other members, I won't have any other options but to kick you out.

2) General posting rules: DO NOT post quizzes in the journal. They will be deleted within the day or hour, so don't waste your time or mine. Please also refrain from making the "My screenname is so-and-so, will you talk to me?" posts, because all they do is take up space. Once in a while is ok, but not every day. If you feel that you must, try and include information about you, what's going on in the GLBT community where you are, and such. Also please try and keep posts fairly on-topic. Talking about things other than lesbianism and being gay is fine, of course, but just don't make a big habit. If I see you are getting excessive in posting off-topic things, you will have your posts deleted, or you will either be kicked out.

3) Please use the lj-cut tag if you are posting any surveys or large pictures. If the picture is small then you don't have to use it. If it is a larger picture, it's a must. Three small pictures need the cut too. It takes a long time to load and some people still have slow modems. It's just the courteous and polite thing to do. Thank you. :)

I hope that everyone finds this community one in which you can be yourself, make friends and get support, and have a good time! :)

Your moderator,
Lenore, _brokendoll_